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Mediumship, often associated with connecting with spirits and delivering messages from the etheric, non-physical realm, has a profound impact on healing and expression.


Brian Robertson and Simon James of the Inner Quest Foundation, authors of "Magician to Mystic," emphasize that mediumship is not limited to formal séances or public demonstrations. Mediumship is an inherent part of human existence.


"Everyday Mediumship" is the recognition that all human beings have the potential to be both the inspired and the inspirer. Whether we realize it or not, we are always and constantly simultaneously a part of and connected to the Soul of All.


The Soul of All, the Spirit, the Universe - the ONE is the Universal Source of Inspiration.


Mediumship is a healing modality. The medium is the tangible bridge between the seen and the unseen; the physical and the non-physical. The medium reminds us of our non-dual existence in a dualistic reality. This bridge is the opportunity for emotional healing, self-expression, and spiritual growth. There is an acceptance of the continuity of life, and this bridge shares an experience of memories, love, reconciliation, acknowledgment, and reassurance with the deceased to those who grieve. Mediums learn to trust their intuition, heal their own trauma, and expand their awareness while continually working on their own personal growth. In being vulnerable with self, mediums' expression of the unseen grows in depth, specificity, and authenticity.


Mediums and those who study mediumship are all individuals. There are a diverse number of perspectives and an infinite amount of talents, soul expressions, and styles of mediumship.


I am honored to be a member of the Inner Quest Foundation and Community led by Brian Robertson and Simon James. There is an understanding of the holistic nature of our connection to Spirit and as Spirit. There is support among mediums and a concentrated effort to cooperate and collaborate, which is the TOTAL OPPOSITE of competition.


I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Simon and Brian's work and classes in 2013. The reinforcement that a simple act of kindness, a creative endeavor, and honoring oneself as worthy of the time it takes to heal and integrate awareness creates the best foundation for the expression of Spirit and the ability to help others came at the time I needed it most. I try very hard to emulate that understanding for my own students.


It is important to be true to oneself, even when faced with challenges. It is important to keep growing in perceptions; to move our understanding into the now. Our personal truth must not remain stagnant. Truth becomes clearer, broader, wider, and more vibrant when we do not stay stagnant.


Mediumship is about bringing forth an experience that connects us to those who have died. It is also so much more. It is not confined to grand stage demonstrations or mystical encounters. It is woven into our daily lives, offering healing, self-expression, and spiritual growth.


Inspiration flows through all of us.


We are the Universe made manifest. We are the Soul of All.

Booking a Session

Get ready for a unique experience! A Session, also known as a Reading or a Sitting, is tailored to your individual needs. You'll feel the healing power of each session. Whether you want to connect with a loved who has passed, explore your own soul, or both, I'm here to help. I'm also skilled in tarot and oracle cards, and I don limit what can happen during a session. You're one-of-a-kind, and so is your connection to the unseen world. Just set your intention and let the magic happen! Plus, don't miss out on our demonstrations of mediumship and teaching. Check out our events calendar for upcoming opportunities.

What to Expect

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