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The Official Biography

I’m a dedicated individual with a diverse educational background. I proudly hold a B.A. in History from Penn State, Behrend, with a strong emphasis on religious studies and the history of religions. Additionally, I completed ministry studies at Mercyhurst College and earned a secondary teacher certification from the same institution. 

Educational Journey: 

My academic journey has been pursuing knowledge and understanding, blending history with a profound exploration of religious and spiritual studies. This foundation has been instrumental in shaping my perspective and guiding my path toward ministry and teaching. 

Professional Experience: 

I was a passionate educator for over a decade, teaching 7th—and 8th-grade history and science. This experience allowed me to contribute to the growth and development of countless young minds, fostering a love for learning and curiosity about the world. 

Spiritual Leadership: 

I am honored to serve as the Spiritual Leader of Unity in Edinboro ( Our mission is to meet people where they are, providing a space for voices and hearts to be heard. Alongside this, I co-founded Bolts of Love, where we share encouragement, support, and opportunities for growth and transformation. Unity in Edinboro and Bolts of Love aims to guide individuals into becoming the most excellent version of themselves. 

Passions and Certifications: 

My passion extends to Integrative Spirituality, New Thought, Spiritualism, and Spiritual Self-Empowerment. I hold certifications and recognitions in QiGong, QiGong Healing, Spiritual Healing, Mediumship, Grief Education, Grief Movement, Spiritual and Reiki Healing, Integral Ministry, and The Art of Quantum Living. 


Active Participation and Teaching: 

I am a member of Sophia through the InnerQuest Foundation, co-administrator of the Mediumship Reading Room, and actively involved in teaching spirituality, self-development, The Art of Quantum Living, healing, and mediumship. As a lifetime learner, I bring my passion for diversity and continuous learning to the programs at Unity in Edinboro. 

Bolts of Love had its kick-off meeting in January 2014. A conversation spurred the gathering between Karen McGrath, Erin Stolz, and Jenn Shepherd. During the conversation, they pondered the meaning of people competing and arguing their viewpoints, especially in spiritual settings. The joke between the three was that all one needed to do was throw Bolts of Love (similar to Zeus throwing lightning bolts) to get everyone to play nice with each other. The three pondered the idea of setting up a space for gathering, for people to share their viewpoints on the world and their connection to it and have constructive conversations about what was being shared. The world and its perspectives moved forward through dialogue and cooperation instead of division and competition. 

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