We help each other grow in Love.

Growing in your own personal walk with Divine is an individual experience. We are all one in our journey and search whether we recognize Spirit, Divine, God, Universe, Energy, or Nature.....etc. The LIGHT and LOVE are all the same. We come together to learn, grow and share in that Light and Love.


Classes offered in Healing, Spiritual Development, Meditation. We are actively accepting class requests and ideas.

We are known by our Love and the Light it produces.

Speaker Series

First and Third Thursday at 6:30PM at the Whole Foods Cooperative Community Room: Erie, PA.


If you are a speaker or class presenter that would like the opportunity to speak/teach through Bolts of Love please use the contact form to start the process. Thank you.

Community Service

Please let us know about situations that need prayer, extra support, whatever and we will help get the word out.

Shine your LIGHT.

Our community welcomes you, your friends and family.

All pathways to Light and Love are welcome.